The City Gallery, Priestgate, Peterborough, UK

The Resurrection of Cosmic Man
29th June-13th August 2017

Playful and quirky, James Johnson Perkins’ interactive work captures the excitement of childhood. With retro games such as Etch-a-sketch and Twister, the exhibition invites the audience to play, breaking down the usual conforms of the gallery space. The exhibition also features James’ highly detailed gigapans; colossal in size these works adopt familiar images of characters taken from film and media, placed frantically on backgrounds of grand cityscapes.

Russian artist Dina Johnson-Perkins' Cosmicman photographs show a classic 80's Soviet spaceman toy shown in different places around the world, also exploring similar themes surrounding nostalgia and fun. In this exhibition a little cosmonauts friend is resurrected in various poignant locations in: Nepal, Cambodia, China, UK and Russia.

1st Ningbo International Photography Exhibition, Sep 2016

1st Ningbo International Photography Week

Ningbo Art Center Of China Photographers Association
555 Lake Road, Dong Qian Lake, Ningbo, China, 

10 Sep - Oct 7, 2016
9.00am - 4-30pm


Bodyspace, Hangzhou Public Library, China, Apr 16


开幕式: 2016423号下午2 
423日至511 (从周二到周日 9:00 - 17:30)地点
杭州图书馆展览艺术中心, 负一层,解放东路58号市民中心J
策展人 Zhanna Khromykh
Exhibition and Art Space
Hangzhou Public Library
Underground floor No.58, East Jiefang Road, Hangzhou

April 23 to May 11, 2016 (Tuesday - Sunday 9:00 - 17:30) Opening: 14.00, April 23, 2016

Abel Pruñonosa, Alexandra Burova, Amy Magma, Anastasiya Guminskaya, Andelei安德雷, Azim Hassan阿斯姆, Cãlin Andrei, Cindy Bajema, Dushan 杜山, E. Kuasi 夸思, Gareth Bunting, Hwang Q-one 황규원, Isamu Marsden, James Johnson-Perkins, Juan Lin 林彦豪, José Ventura 卓山, Léa Pagès, Rodolphe Toucas, Summaiya Khan, 远鹏, Wieslaw Borkowski

Curator: Zhanna Kromykh

To be a body, is to be tied to a certain world...; our body is not primarily in space: it is of it

M. Merleau-Ponty

We all conceive these three dimensions around us through our own body. What is this vessel we inhabit? We are linked to it through the materiality of our flesh and bones, and through our existential perceptual understanding. But why are we here and what are our bodies for? This has perplexed and fascinated philosophers from the dawn of civilization and is rich source material for Eastern and Western thinkers.

We exist in different kinds of space and these areas are activated when something appears in them. If we draw a small black point on a piece of paper, at the same moment the comparison between “body of a point” and “space of a paper” reveals itself. But what happens if we add to a body the characteristics of space and begin to conceptualize and explore the space that our physiques occupy? Through art, the body becomes a space for experiments and action.

Artists are creating a new definition of what the body is, creating new identities and new forms of body representation. Artists in this exhibition explore these notions and express aspects of their rich cultural identities. Through their works they also trace multiple sensations they experience living in their own unique bodies and spaces.

Exhibition 23rd Jul...

Dina Johnson-Perkins
Sigurdur Gudmundsson

Please Wait Whilst…Monkey Magic Sings Chinese Covers of Pop 80’s classics in Times Square...CEAC, Xiamen, China, Jul 15

Please wait whilst…Monkey Magic Sings Chinese Covers of Pop 80’s classics in Times Square.. " James Johnson-Perkins 
Chinese European Art Center
23rd July - 28th July 2015
The PV will be Thursday at 17:00 July 23, 2015.
We would be pleased if you and your friends could come to the opening of the exhibition.

At once this Monkey learned to climb and run around Times Square; but its first act was to make a bow towards each of the four quarters, whilst singing ‘Beat it’ by Michael Jackson in Mandarin. As it did so, a steely light darted from this Monkey's eyes and flashed as far as the Palace of the Polar Star in Folkestone. This shaft of light astonished the Xiamen Emperor as he sat in the Omani Cloud Palace of the Tyne Bridge, in the Treasure Hall of Holy Moscow, surrounded by his fairy Ministers. Seeing this strange light flashing, he ordered Monkey Madonna to open the gate of the Southern Heaven and ROCK OUT. At her bidding she went out to the gate, and picked up the sacred colourful telephone…she looked so sharply and listened to the Russian voice on the end of the line, "Please wait whilst…Monkey Magic Sings Covers of Pop Classics in Times Square….” Meanwhile, on the mountain the magic rock gave birth to an egg. This egg changed into a stone Monkey. This auspicious event inspired James Johnson-Perkins to create an exhibition at CEAC.
James Johnson-Perkins

I Want to Break Free, Я - I AM Group Exhibition, Loft Bar, 9 Arbat Street, Moscow, Russia, Apr 15


I Want to Break Free, 2015, James Johnson-Perkins
Often in Life we feel trapped by: Relationships, Work, Political Situations and Place. These issues can lead one to want to escape or 'Break Free' form ones environment. To Rebel or Express one's dissatisfaction. This Film (A kind of Pop video) relates to this and also to a particular Place. Moscow. Where the artist lived and worked for 2 Years. It also makes reference to different specific Russian elements: The Day of Victory Parade (Speeded up), Pakrovka Street under heavy building construction (Played backwards until we reach Red Square), Ballet Exercises, Pussy Riot and to Balaklava's used in recent conflicts.

Я - I AM Group Exhibition
Loft Bar, 9 Arbat Street, Moscow, Russia.
3rd - 4th of April 2015

The show is positioned as a dialogue between artists and the public, and a reflection upon self-actualization and identity in modern society.

The idea of the project is dedicated to the relationship between the individual and the social, the difficulties in achieving self-expression, and the complexity of identity and self-determination in contemporary world.

James Johnson-Perkins
James Johnson-Perkins is a British artist whom currently lives and works in Ningbo, China. Before the artist lived and worked for 2 years in Moscow, Russia. His art practice is Interdisciplinary and draws from themes such as: memory, nostalgia and play.

Джеймс Джонсон-Перкинс
Джеймс Джонсон-Перкинс британский художник, в настоящее время живет и работает в Нинбо, Китай. Перед переездом в Китай, художник жил и работал в Москве, Россия в течении двух лет. Его художественная практика является междисциплинарной и опирается на такие темы, как: память, ностальгии и игры.
James Johnson-Perkins, Anna Kautenburger, Johannes Gérard & Hsin-Ying Tsai, Osvaldo Сibils, Вергазова Юлия Ильдусовна, Michalina Kostecka, John Kelley, Kushtrim Zeqiri, Amna Badawy, Mauricio Saenz, Duygu Nazlı, Ingrid Ung,  Катя Исаева,  Александра Князева, Sara Bonaventura, Мария Агапкина, Vera Iona Papadopoulou, Лена Холкина,  Мария Толстова,  Ольга Бутеноп 

Anastasia Gregoriee, Anastasia Kachalova, Anna Korobeynikova

This Starry Sky Lights up Because of You, Library Gallery, The University of Nottingham Ningbo, China, Dec 14

This Starry Sky Lights up Because of You

An Exhibition of Gigapan Photomontages by
James Johnson-Perkins
1st - 31st December, 2014

Venue: Library, The University of Nottingham Ningbo China
This is the first exhibition of the artist's work in China and shows a series of large-scale panoramic images, taken in: Russia, Oman, Italy, Nepal and the UK. These are overlaid with: childhood memories, space memorabilia, computer games, a mismatched spiritual pantheon and various digital scribblings.

In these works Johnson-Perkins gives us a marvelous glimpse into his world of: childhood heroes, space invaders, constructivist architecture, mystical temples and a mythical battle of epic nostalgic proportions.

There will be a private view on Friday 5th December 2014 between 6-8pm

During the Private view Johnson-Perkins will also be showing a video art piece, 'The Sturovo Super Hero Society' and you will have a chance to meet the artist and ask him questions about the show.

James Johnson-Perkins was recently appointed as Preliminary Tutor in Art and Design, at The University of Nottingham Ningbo China. He has exhibited widely in: Europe, USA and Asia.
This exhibition is dedicated to his wife Dina.

Exhibition Essay
By Ronan Kelly
English and Linguistics Department, The University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China

This Starry Sky Lights Up Because of You

In November 2014 UNNC library opened an exhibition by the artist, James Johnson-Perkins.

In this ever shifting universe, where the rug is frequently pulled out from under our feet it is no surprise that some look for consolation to the heroes and icons who were conduits of our childhood adoration and sense of wonder. Johnson-Perkins’ work unashamedly hinges on the theme of nostalgia and by degrees the viewer becomes a participant in his grandly realised backwards-looking vision. Hanging behind the library desk in all its 150cm x 530cm glory, the centrepiece of the exhibition, ‘The Great Battle’, depicts a confrontation between the forces of good and evil, superimposed onto the elegant backdrop of a Venetian scene inspired by Canaletto.

This apocalypse is strewn with iconic baddies- Godzilla, Jabba the Hut, the Marshmallow Man; as well as real-life villains like Myra Hindley and Al Capone. The good guys, Bruce Lee, Kenny Daglish and Wonder woman are positioned on the right side of the giant work, offering hope of redemption. In this showdown victory for the righteous is far from assured, and literally must be snatched from the jaws of Jaws, with Spielberg’s shark (itself a riff on Melville’s monstrous white whale, Moby Dick) leaping majestically from the waters of the canal. Elsewhere, as a reminder of the demons within, Jack Nicholson’s character from The Shining peers menacingly out from behind a Venetian blind on a shady backstreet corner- “Here’s Johnny!”. These super high-resolution Gigapan images are put together using source paintings and photographs, Photoshop and hi-tech rendering and imaging techniques; each one can take up to 1-2 years to compete. The Jaws example illustrates the painstaking attention to detail involved, with the shark and flying spray blended seamlessly into the waterway scene.

The Gigapan work with the most obvious connection to the 'starry eyed' title is the portrait of celebrated British astronomer Sir Patrick Moore. Johnson-Perkins photographed the one man cultural institution among his telescopes, books and trinkets after a fan letter from the artist (Moore had presented legendary BBC program The Sky at Night) led to an invitation from a then elderly Moore to come and visit him in his home. There is something gravity defying about the piece, with various aircraft, planets and Tetris blocks hanging suspended in the room. The detail is so well mapped, that in places it’s difficult to know which objects were actually in the room at the time of photographing, and which were superimposed on afterwards. A modern silver TV set at an oblique angle carries an authentic looking image of the inauthentic looking moon landing, while Moore, dressed in Khaki’s looks resolutely out at the viewer through his famous monocle.

In this exhibition space, along a narrow corridor in the library you find yourself (somewhat akin to a Tetris block) sandwiched between the portrait, with its carnival of astronomy and space-related imagery, and a much starker piece entitled ‘Space Invaders’. The latter is a panoramic photograph of the Omani desert with rows of pixellated baddies from the iconic arcade game transposed over the desert landscape.

The title of this exhibition, ‘This Starry Sky Lights Up Because of You’ draws on an English phrase that caught Johnson-Perkins’ eye on the cover of a notebook at a local Chinese stationary outlet. Staying alive to the poeticism of his surroundings is a part of the artist’s aesthetic. He explains to visitors craning their necks upwards at a screen mounted on the wall of the stairwell that the video piece on display, ’The Sturovo Super Hero Society’ was the culmination of a separate project undertaken while Johnson-Perkins was at an Artist Residency in Slovakia. Working on the theme of guardians of a bridge, which separates Strurovo from the Hungarian town of Esztergom, the artist invited members of the local community to imagine their own superhero identities, collaborating with them to create masks and costumes.

This slice of film successfully captures the verve and energy of the inhabitants of the village as well as the creative power of the river meandering along in the background. Various masked figures were filmed engaging in bouts of spontaneous activity- folk dancing, musical performance, martial arts, or simply kicking a football around. The masks are scary and grotesque, but also latent with a kind of subversive humor characteristic of other of Johnson-Perkins’ works, which art critic Malcolm Gee has found to “…mediate ironically between the forms of art and the fantasy of childhood play”. The masked fiddler participant eking out a melodious yet slightly unhinged sound with manic movements of his bow is particularly memorable, visually recalling dreamlike images conjured from the brush of Chagall while his playing provides an atmospheric soundtrack to much of the short film.

On the second floor hangs Johnson-Perkins’ ‘The Assembly of the Gods’, where around 150 Gods gather against a backdrop at a temple in Katmandu, Nepal. Attendees at the viewing have fun picking out the various Gods on show, working out which is which- from which religion, faith or mythology. Among Kali, Buddha and Christ we are arrested by a truly terrifying image from a work by Goya depicting the Greek God of time Saturn, quite horribly devouring one of his children from the head downwards.  This is a reminder of our own mortality and a cue to pass around some cans of strong German pilsner (Be merry, my friends, be merry) smuggled in for this occasion.

Shortly after this Johnson-Perkins’ teacher of Chinese Art and Calligraphy, Jack Jiang (Recipient of the Golden National Prize for painting) presented his pupil with a sumptuous Chinese tea set to cement their friendship and honor the occasion of this exhibition’s opening. It was encouraging to see so many students of Nottingham’s Chinese Campus responding to the Gigapan pieces in this exhibition, taking part in a dialogue based on the significance and merits or otherwise of these works of art. Johnson-Perkins’ collaboration with the library and library staff, students and teaching staff on ‘This Starry Sky Lights Up Because of You’ can also be read as symbolic of a friendship of sorts and this event is indicative of enhanced curiosity and transfer of ideas across the cultural divide.

When Suspicions are Becoming the Norm, FABRIKA, Moscow, Russia, May 14

When suspicions are becoming the norm
Private view: May 17, 6:00pm


Perevedenovskiy Lane 18
RSUH "curatorial project" presents:

When suspicions are becoming the norm
The theme of the "monster" in contemporary culture and how the image of the ‘Other’ is influenced by social stereotypes and individual perception. The question of who and why we believe in ‘monsters’ at the exhibition explores themes through physicality and the distorted body, gender, social criticism , masks and double identity, artifice and the humanoid. Presented at the exhibition are works which reflect different facets of monstrosity and normality, offering the viewer to reflect not only on their assessment of others, but also about their own image in the eyes of others.

Artists : Pavel Aksenov , Lucy Betts (Lucie Betz), James Johnson-Perkins, Alice Joffe, MishMash Vlad Monroe, Sergei Cucumbers, George Ostrecov Valentin Weaver Fridriksdottir Gabriela (Gabriela Fridriksdottir), Elizabeth Khaustov ( Elizabeth Haust), littlewhitehead.

Curatorial team: Marie-Anne Abovyan, Olga Annanurova Anna Anstal Xenia Ermakova, Dina Ivanchenko, Lyudmila Kirsanov Julia Kuz'kina Xenia Kurylenko, Elena Melkumova Victoria Mukhina, Alain Paramita, Maria Rozhneva Oksana Chvyakina Alice Shangina Anna Shuvalov.

Head curator group : Nicolas Odyuro

Powered by: TIC FACTORY , RSUH Gallery TRIUMPH

curatorial project
[ HPMT ] High school art practices and technology museum , art history faculty RSUHкураторский-проект
Program leaders : Nicolas Odyuro Natalia Smolyan

Perevedenovskiy Lane 18
Участники учебной программы «Кураторский проект» РГГУ представляют выставку

«Когда подозрения становятся нормой»

Выставка «Когда подозрения становятся нормой» посвящена теме «монстра» в современной культуре и тому, как образ Другого формируется под воздействием общественных стереотипов и индивидуального восприятия. Вопрос о том, кого и почему мы считаем монстром, исследуется на выставке через темы телесности и искаженного тела, гендера, социальной критики, маски и двойной идентичности, искусственности и человекоподобия. Представленные на выставке произведения отражают разные грани монструозности и нормальности, предлагая зрителю задуматься не только о своей оценке окружающих, но и о собственном образе в глазах других.

Художники: Павел Аксенов, Люси Бетс (Lucie Betz), Джеймс Джонсон-Перкинс (James Johnson-Perkins), Алиса Йоффе, МишМаш, Влад Монро, Сергей Огурцов, Георгий Острецов, Валентин Ткач, Габриэла Фридриксдоттир (Gabriela Fridriksdottir), Элизабет Хауст (Elizabeth Haust), littlewhitehead.

Кураторская группа студентов: Мари-Анна Абовян, Ольга Аннанурова, Анна Ансталь, Ксения Ермакова, Дина Иванченко, Людмила Кирсанова, Юлия Кузькина, Ксения Куриленко, Елена Мелкумова, Виктория Мухина, Алёна Парамита, Мария Рожнева, Оксана Чвякина, Алиса Шаньгина, Анна Шувалова.

Руководитель кураторской группы: Николя Одюро

При поддержке: ЦТИ ФАБРИКА, РГГУ, Галерея ТРИУМФ

Кураторский проект
[ХПМТ] Высшая школа художественных практик и музейных технологий, факультет истории искусства РГГУкураторский-проект
Руководители программы: Николя Одюро, Наталья Смолянская

Переведеновский переу

The Štúrovo Super Hero Society, DIY REALITY, Moscow, Russia, Apr 2014

James Johnson-Perkin, Film Screening
The Štúrovo Super Hero Society

17 Nastavichesky

Since film began to expand outside the realm of the movie theatre, the cinematic image has exploded through the frame of the gallery and into our every day lives. As Sheldon Renan, avant-garde and experimental film history theorist wrote, cinema has

…expanded to the point at which the effect of film may be produced without the use of film at all. 1.

This has enabled unavoidable access to the moving image; we are confronted everyday by infinite screens, video projections, cameras and digital files, which not only change our perception of the surrounding world, but also develop new spaces, meanings and ideals.

The constant influx of information via digital sources invites, and almost instructs us, to create our own narratives in the same dimension. We are drawn into this virtual world by the access to cameras and recording equipment in most of our everyday lives.

The intermedia network has made all of us artists by proxy. A decade of television-watching is equal to a comprehensive course in dramatic acting, writing, and filming...the mystique is gone - we could almost do it ourselves. 2.

Although access to the camera provides this opportunity, the lens does not simply capture reality; it creates its own. Digitally capturing the moving image transforms the visual into a code of numbers which exist in their own right. In actuality, we do not interact or process these codes, we simply view the visual component, therefore this aspect does not exist for us. Considering this, each individual video is a different reality with its own DNA, which we click and create by the pressing of 'record'.

In addition to the visual image and digital code, interaction with the audience supplies a third component in this relationship. In the current day and age, videos are often viewed in a solitary interaction between the viewer and the image via a personal screen using video sharing websites. Discussion, if any, is often exercised anonymously in this computer-simulated environment, where time consistency is not always maintained.

1 S.Renan An introduction to American Underground Film 1970 New York: Dutton p227
2 G.Youngblood Expanded Cinema 1967 New York: Dutton p58.


DIY REALITY attempts to acknowledge the combination of these aspects of the digital image through the presentation of both computer generated art, where the existence of the code is more obvious to us, contrasted with the less obvious 'fly on the wall' style of filming. Placing these videos, which have been collected and downloaded via the internet, in a gallery space not only gives them a new context but allows physical interaction in real time between viewers rather than relying on a virtual dialogue. The audience is invited to watch scheduled screenings and explore how the space is used to offer different possibilities for creating a personal narrative.

15, (2008), Dir James Johnson-Perkins, Now Streaming Online, Aug 2013

A film by James Johnson-Perkins. Recorded over a year, 15 seconds each day. It traces the life of the artist and life in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK, during 2008.


NOSTOS, (2007), Dir James Johnson-Perkins, Now Streaming Online, Aug 2013

Made by James Johnson-Perkins, Tracey Tofield and the late Nicholas John Montgomery. With contributions by many others, whom we were/are very thankful, including music by Keith Mills.

In memory of a beloved friend Nick.

PAPYRI Guestbooks, Bookworks and Similar Departures by guests of Emily Harvey Foundation 2004-2012, Italy, Oct 12

Achivio Emily Harvey
San Polo

Curated by Berty Skuber

Inaugurazione mostra / Exhibition opening:
venerdi, 19 ottobre, ore 18:00 / Friday, October 19, 6pm.

The Art Student League of New York, Artist Residency Exhibition, USA, Aug 12

28th August 2012

241 Kings Highway
P.O. Box 357
Sparkill, USA,
NY 10976

Phelwidek Photo 2012, KC Danuj, Bratislava, Slovakia, Jul 12

Phelwidek Photo 2012
KC Danuj
15th July 2012

Appointed Leader, Foundation Fine Art Pathway. British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow, Russia, Aug 2012

The British Higher School of Art and Design (Moscow) was established in 2003 to teach and train Russian students according to the standards of the leading international education programmes in the design world. The British Higher School of Art and Design is one of the most important educational centres in Russia working in close partnership with the Faculty of Science, Technology and Creative Arts of the University of Hertfordshire in the UK and specialising in professional education in various creative fields.